Monday, June 1, 2009


One wonders whether we have already seen or heard the worst coming from our sisters and brothers in the Anglican Church. A few days ago listening to the Voice of America news VOA I could not believe that Bishop Nolbert Kunonga who is pitted against the (Anglican) Church of the Province of Central Africa could respond with such venom to a question why his breakaway section of the church was getting less and less members. His response was in Shona "Nhunzi dzinoenda kunenyama yakaora" (Flies are attracted by rotten meat). Should a church leader or former church leader say that non members or potential members of his church were like flies who flocked in their numbers to rotting meat when they had left his church.

My appeal to the larger church of the world is to pray for our sisters and brothers in the Anglican Church here in Zimbabwe. Politicians are fuelling the already dire situation in this church. June is the month Anglicans in the Central Africa region which comprises Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe come together in Marondera in Zimbabwe at a place near Bernard Muzeki College, a place believed Bernard Muzeki, one of the earliest black missionaries was killed. Kunonga has already booked the place with the police so that the whole of Anglicanism here in this region will not have access to it. What has the police to do with that function if not supporting one man's cause? God forbid!!!

The Harare Diocese which is at the centre of these problems was being led by Bishop Kunonga until the Central province excommunicated him a year ago for breaking away from the church. The retired bishop of Manicaland Bishop Sebastian Bakare was called to lead the Diocese temporarily while it elected a new bishop. Bakare has seen hell. At one service his communion elements were thrown to the ground by Bishop Kunonga. Recently a new bishop Dr Chad Gandiya has been elected and awaits confirmation. One person in the Diocese is said to have objected to his appointment and the church leadership from the province will be meeting soon in Harare to consider the evidence so that they can make a decision. May God save this great church.