Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Never again; No more xenophobic attacks

The April 2015 xenophobic attacks have taken both foreigners and the majority South Africans themselves by surprise. Since 2008 similar attacks the situation seemed to have improved and there was every hope that there would be no killing of each other as Africans. The events that triggered the massacre have been shrouded in controversy, ranging from the speech of a Zulu King who is alleged to have incited the attacks by calling for the sending away of the foreigners. The President's son followed with the same kind of message. This did not go down very well with those affected. The official number of those who have been killed stands at 7, even though there is another school which points to a higher figure.  Numbers beside, the mere fact that certain groups are targeted for killing is scarring.

It is our hope that there will be no more killings in the future. The whole of African leadership from SADC to African Union have condemned the barbaric acts. Africa should show by example that we love our continent by shielding each other especially in times of need. We did it during the liberation struggle and we looked after our neighbors including South Africans who were the last to gain independence. There is need, though for continued education for the respect of human life. We applaud the efforts of most South Africans who were equally shocked by the brutality in their backyard. Never again will this happen on the African soil! This is the prayer on every believer that we all respect God's creation.