Friday, March 13, 2009

Mrs Susan Tsvangirai's death United the Nation

Lessons to Learn

The death of Susan Tsvangirai the late wife of the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has provided a lot of lessons for our nation. As soon as the message got round the media houses many conclusions were given as to what caused the accident until we heard from Tsvangirai himself that he was convinced the accident was accidental and that he did not suspect foul play.

The mistake though, was that our local information channels both print and electronic did not help the situation. While the regional and international media outlets had much information and were dishing it out as they thought, our media was saying very little. Some think it was wise to report that way. The danger was that many people have set-light dishes and just wondered what the local information they were getting was restricted by what ethics?

At one time we were told that Tsvangirai had gone to the region for further treatment and that it was a tripartite arrangement. On the other hand it was made very clear by other media sources that Botswana had offered to provide further medical services. There may have been bad blood between the leader of Botswana and Zimbabwe president but in such times like this we expect some of these things to be buried.

Zimbabweans were encouraged by the fact that the president and his wife were said to be the first to visit Tsvangirai in Hospital. That is what it should be. Such behavior helps people to take our leaders seriously and that they care. The visit came before Tsvangirai had declared that it was an accident. Some commented that the visit by the president was a cover-up. Indeed people can say anything anytime. This is why I said in my previous article that the truth that we know is the one which sets us free.

The service which was held at the Methodist Church witnessed not only the president and many government officials but also the Church and regional representatives coming together to mourn Mrs Tsvangirai. Susan the unassuming lady became the uniting factor. The announcement by Tsvangirai that the death of his wife was an accident was the message the nation needed most. What people least expected happened. This means that her death was not in vain.

Mrs Tsvangirai loved her Lord. Many deaths have caused divisions even in families. This death actually united daughters and sons of Zimbabwe across both political denominational divide. May the Good Lord rest her Soul. God Bless!

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