Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It's all over in the Zimbabwe official paper, the Herald " 'good news' visas have been scrapped." Who ever thought we would be annexed with such easiness. Visa requirements have been removed and any Zimbabwean who can afford to pay for the transport can go to South Africa even without a passport. This effectively puts to rest our sovereignty. We are now the tenth province of South Africa. Indeed we have had it tough, the demands made by SA were just too much. The removal is also extreme. It heralds something more than what meets the eye.

In church circles the Methodist Church of Southern Africa MCSA which comprises of SA, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia and Botswana has always argued that the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe should be part of this larger family. We have argued that we are a country that can stand on its own so there was no need to be part of this larger body. I am sure MCSA has more ammunition than before to convince their Zimbabwean counterpart to benefit from this promised union.

Zimbabweans can now visit SA for 90 days and are given permits to seek work for that period. While Zimbabweans are going to benefit SA is the chief benefactor. We now use their money and in order to get the money SA has lifted the restrictive rules so that many Zimbabweans can cross over and work for that period come back and buy goods from SA. After 90 days they come back and use the money they had earned and then go back again. Our shops are now full of goods coming from SA so we have to have the money to buy them.

The question to ask is will Zimbabwe recover its industry. The good news may not be good news after all. Our recovery will take long to be realised because we are getting already made stuff from SA. The worst scenario would have been America scrapping the visa since we are using its money also. This has not happened. Africa is colonising itself. This maybe our way out. God bless.

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