Monday, June 28, 2010

The Futility Of Fighting Terror With Terror!

Both Traditional (primal-primary) and World religions have compassion at the heart of their faiths. Compassion is the art of loving and caring.

The world powers which dominate the affairs and power struggles of this global village go as far as wanting to enforce peace using force. This does not work. Peace brought in by use of any other means except love is very temporal.

World faiths (sleeping giants) will one day waken to a world without its inhabitants who subscribe to the former simply because they are not challenging the powers that be that their way of making peace is futile.

Rape has sired kids but the act has never been and will never be love. Yet the act of love should be the proper channel of bringing children into this world. Love also produces everlasting peace.

If world faiths/religions are warning world powers about the futility of trying to bring peace and harmony in the world by using force then well and good. If they are not then both the existing faiths and their followers will be extinct.

The creator God will come up with a new world and a new order. Is it not time for the world powers and the faiths/religions of this world consult each other on the way forward. The two arms of authority may have the solution together. It can be done. The two should not leave the other without counsel.

They are all in it. The people they serve or who serve them as it were are in a dilemma. By working together they might save the only world given us as a gift from the common creator of this world. They are put there for each other and not to be against each other. Those with ears let them hear. God bless.

Food for thought!
Can someone whisper in the ears of our esteemed World leaders that they cannot fight terror with terror and win? Have they not learnt from Vietnam war? If they want to know how to end terrorism can they ask? Each so called terrorist they kill they create 10 more. You can do your mathematics as they continue on this disastrous path. Since they started this game terrorists have actually increased.

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