Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dictators: What goes up must come down

Published in The Standard 27 February 2011

Libya is next in line of “People Power” that is spreading like wildfire across North Africa and the Middle East. No one is going to stop it. Muammar Gaddafi and his son might kill as many Libyans as they can but sooner or later oppression will be defeated.

No amount of force will conquer the wishes of the masses. The conquests of dictators are only temporary. Those enjoying the benefits of dictators should count their days from now on. The rot is coming to an end soon. The people created in God’s image are sick and tired of being oppressed.

God/Allah is liberating his people. The time of reckoning is nigh. Dictators have had their time. The last century has seen its share of dictators and it seems the 21st century is kissing good-bye to dictatorial regimes.

This is the time to shape up or be pushed out. How can these autocratic regimes claim legitimacy when they allow only their voices to be heard both on national television and in public media? Those outlets belong to the people and not to sitting governments. The abuse being inflicted on these vehicles of information will backfire.

What dictators do not realise is that the more they abuse these facilities, the more people see through them.

The misinformation peddled by dictators about religious groups they do not like is being exposed. It is becoming clear now that what we were told about the Muslim Brotherhood was not the whole truth.

This is also true of dictators in non-Muslim countries. Those who still listen to local news broadcasts are bombarded with information against mainline churches while favouring indigenous sects. The reason being that the dictators exploit gullible organisations for their own benefit.

Some dictators even create their own churches to counter the established ones which are dedicated to fighting oppressive regimes.

Traditional leaders are next in line of those who are abused by dictators. Gaddafi appeared on television surrounded by traditional leaders chanting slogans in his support. This is very revealing. And it happens wherever there are dictatorships. The question is why don’t we ever learn?

Youths also constitute an important support base for dictators. They train them to fight their own parents.

The Shona have a saying which goes like; Chinobhururuka chinomhara, which when translated means; what goes up must come down.

Rev Dr Levee Kadenge

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