Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rev Kadenge spot on; jobs, not handouts

The Standard, Sunday 19, 2011

I thank Rev Dr Levee Kadenge for a well thought out and honest contribution in The Standard of last week. Strive Masiyiwa is, indeed a man of immense business acumen.

The market dominance of Econet should be an inspiration to all young entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe. No man in our beloved country or abroad, can point a finger at Strive Masiyiwa and accuse him of looting or forcibly acquiring his vast wealth. Econet, as Rev Kadenge pointed out, has and continues to provide hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans with some sort of income in our harsh, dog-eat-dog, economic environment.

As Zimbabweans, let us for one moment imagine the country without Econet Wireless. Masiyiwa has clearly shown the heights to which Zimbabweans can reach through hard work and disciplined foresight.

We are educated, well-mannered, hardworking and peaceful people. A good deed breeds a good deed while evil deed breeds even worse evil. No man or woman in the world should expect praise for ill-gotten wealth. Men who have achieved success through their own intelligence have built vast business empires, sometimes even surpassing their own wildest dreams.

Let us follow good examples and strive to grow our country through honest, hardworking and sinless ways. Do not take what is not yours for this would be stealing. We must realise that our country needs an overhaul and we must do it together, regardless of sex, age, colour or political party preference. We are all Zimbabweans!

President Robert Mugabe and PM Morgan Tsvangirai must realise that Zimbabweans are fed up with their politics and want them to do something to help the millions of people attain better living standards.

Our children are unemployed and people are dying. Our police force is terribly corrupt and the Chinese are milking our motherland Zimbabwe dry – the list is endless.

We don’t want “hand-outs.” Give us jobs and the economic growth we need to keep our people from migrating to the Diaspora where they are treated like second-class citizens

by Enzo Doul Murambi, Mutare.

Rev Kadenge’s letter titled “Free hand-outs breed dependency culture” (The Standard June 12) needs response.

While I strongly agree with this notion, I was however disappointed with the author’s choice of examples. The author failed to bring out a sound link between the recipients of farm implements and those who have benefited from Econet’s scholarship programme.

Econet and its founder should in fact be commended because most of the beneficiaries are from disadvantaged backgrounds and have excelled in their fields of study.

The author should have used more convincing examples to bring out his noble view.

by Yugo

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