Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Prayers and Condolences to Australians Fire Victims

On behalf of the Institute of Theological Reflection and myself we send our prayers and condolences to victims of Australia's worst fire disaster. To those who have died we ask God to welcome them home. To those who have been injured we pray for speed recovery. To those who have lost property we pray that they be grateful that God has spared their lives. God will give them more energy to replace their properties. To those who have relatives who have been affected we pray that you will be strengthened by the concern coming from all over the world and moreso from the caring Australians. Be consoled by the fact that God presides over all His creation. Nothing happens which He does not know. Let us put our faith in His good judgement. He is a God who cares. Let this event bring us more closer to our maker and to each other. God bless Australia at this hour!

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