Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Zimbabwe: Excitement all over

There is excitement all over the place. People from all walks of life have been waiting for 11 February, the day SADC said the priminister should be swon into office. Tomorrow is the day they have been waiting for, the day when their leader Morgan Tsvangirai is being swon in as the second Priminister of the Republic of Zimbabwe. President Robert Mugabe was the first priminister at independence in 1980. "Look, for the first time we have drinks at this garage. This is a sign of good things to come," commented one garage attendant this morning.

Early tomorrow morning Mabelreign Methodist church is having a dedication service for one of its members Mr Morgan Tsvangirai who will be swon into office later in the morning. They decided to have the service early because they were not given space at the official ceremony. Mabelreign was branded an enemy church because it was associated with an enemy of the president. The church was under serveillence for a very long time. The church did not mind. It went on with its business as usual as if everything was normal.

In a few minutes time Tsvangirai will be announcing his Cabinet members.

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