Sunday, July 10, 2011

Send children home for safe-keeping

The Standard, Sunday, 10 July 2011
Send children home for safe-keeping

THE tragic death of Yemurai Kanyangarara in South London (UK) recently is beyond human comprehension. How can a helpless young boy of 16 be stabbed to death at a bus stop? What is becoming of this world? Where is it safe to live now? All these questions and more have left me dumb and shocked.

When Jesus Christ was born over two centuries ago King Herod wanted him killed. God visited Joseph and Mary in a dream and instructed them to take the child to Africa for safe keeping. Jesus came to Africa with his parents and stayed amongst us for quite some time and only returned to Nazareth after the death of Herod.

Recently I have been consorting with a number of grand-parents who are looking after grandchildren whose parents are all over the world. One thing has become very clear; children are no longer safe in most parts of the world. Some of the parents overseas are seeing it fit to send their children back home for safe keeping. Although this is not the best way of bringing up children at least it is safer here to some extent.

The next question is, is Africa even safe for children? I have just been reading horrendous stories about young children indulging in all sorts of drugs and other so-called modern behaviours which are mostly copied from these parts of the world where it is not safe to bring up children. This means we are catching up fast with the trends elsewhere. There must be a way of reclaiming our moral values and traditional ways of raising our children.

Some youngsters I spoke to told me that the only way this nostalgic experience can come back is for us the older generation to live by example. The way things are happening especially in this country where the adults seem inclined to get what we want by force will not auger well for our children. They are watching and saying; so this is the way one can get what one wants? Beat-up who ever has it and grab whatever you want. Is this what we want? Where will those in yonder places run to when they are being killed in daylight like the Kanyangarara tragedy?

There is still opportunity for us in Africa to reclaim the old glory which was even recognized by God himself to the extent that he instructed that his Son be hosted by Africans. Yes we have dangerous places in Africa but these have come as a result of past unfair experiences which we have to deal with.

Leaders in Africa must lead by example so that our rightful place as God-fearful people is guaranteed.

Rev Dr Levee Kadenge

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