Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zim can transcend present difficulties

The Standard, Sunday, 3 July 2011

Reading in between lines it seems someone is spoiling for a fight. How can it be that the nation is held to ransom by one or a few people who may not even be at the highest level of our politics? Spin doctors are known all over the world to be just that. They make a lie to be no lie, and vice versa.

No professional people, be they armed forces or police will act just because someone who is known to be a spinner has talked. It would be unwise to be hoodwinked into destroying a nation that is busy working for a new constitution and then conducting free and fair elections in a peaceful manner.

Zimbabweans as we know them will always keep their heads cool. They are not swayed by the machinations of those who just want to be known that they are there. These only want to be seen to be working more than others. They even cause schism among their own. As Zimbabweans, let us appeal to the powers that be that a moratorium be declared for a while. Is it possible to bring all journalists together and sort out their differences on their own? Give us a break.

Judging by the reporting and the cases that are reported in news papers and the denial from those who are accused, this only shows that there is something basically wrong with our journalism at this crucial stage of our history.

This letter is not to sound any alarm but just to confirm the levelheadedness of people called Zimbabweans. We are reading and we are informed in one way or another but we will not give up. We know we have a bright future. What is taking place today is maybe, a preparation of greater things to come. Those of us who come from the faith community believe that everything works for good. We are convinced that even the bad things that happen to someone are lessons of life. Mistakes do not mean the end of the world. Corrections have made us who we are.

We have come through worse situations like Gukurahundi and 2008 debacle. Can those who want to see chaos in this nation be reminded that that is not what the world expects of us. The world is waiting for a peaceful transition from GNU so that other nations may learn. We can do it.

Rev Dr Levee Kadenge

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