Friday, June 21, 2013

LOVE, a powerful tool

The developments that are taking place are calling us to outdo each other. There is a lot of competition around and we are not getting enough time for each other. Families are the most affected. Mother and father are out working and children are left alone with child minders. In all this we find it hard to locate LOVE. Love demands that you sacrifice not only your money or goods but your personal touch, your being there. As it is, the missing link, LOVE has to come back to its proper place for communities to find each other. Once love is back we are guaranteed a good present and a promising future. When things are bad then we have a powerful force to use, that is love. Surely challenges will arise and they have to be met head on. Using love as a tool to solve problems we will not go wrong. Real and imagined enemies can be dealt with using the power of love. Love will dissempower your enemies and empower you. At the end of it all you actually empower each other. Life should not be a tragedy but have a happy ending always. God bless.

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