Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We are not amused

The goings on in our politics Zimbabwe is so confusing that most Zimbabweans are now looking up to the Lord for His intervention. It seems we have been left to fate by our politicians. Those who are supposed to be giving direction are themselves fighting for dear life in the primary elections. The proverbial 'chicken running around without its head' can best sum up what is happening in this beautiful land left to us by our ancestors. Our hope is now in the hands of our church elders if they can knock some sense in our dear leaders. Unfortunately the church is divided by political parties between those who are supporting the chaos blindly and those who are trying to interrogate the situation critically and calling for consensus. Some friends are saying leader or no leader they will approach the Maker for intervention. It seems divine intervention is what the whole nation is looking forward to. As a nation in turmoil we look up to the skies/mountain from whence our salvation will come from. Indeed, we are not amused. God bless.

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