Friday, November 28, 2008

Devotions/Bible Sutdy: For Sunday 30 November 2008 (Subject to review)


Isaiah 2:vs 1-5 and Matthew 24: vs 36-44

The victorious Lord is coming! This indeed is a sign of hope. The temporal nature of life should leave us not only expectant but also with much hope. Life, though short is but purposeful. Let us live like we will have no other life anywhere. This is why the Lord promises us abundant life. It means there is no other life here on earth. When we pray that thy Kingdom come, we should mean it. It must come-here and now. To wait until we die in order to go to heaven might be too late. Life has to be enjoyed here and now.

I want to believe that heaven is here on earth. Hell also is very here and now. We can either enjoy heaven here which we pray for or hell which we invite by the bad way we live. What is interesting though, is that our Lord and Master gives us what not only what we deserve but more. He is a fair and just God. He rules justly and rewards us according to His grace. We do not earn anything but he is not unjust. He rewards justly. He also punishes justly. What is interesting about the good Lord is that he has an open mind. He is not there to fix us. We can only fix ourselves. He loves to see us liberated. He hates it when we imprison ourselves.

Indeed the swords must be turned into plough shares. That which for now scares no longer plays its role. It is turned into good use. Those things/instruments that are used to kill, to steal with, to terrorise people can be turned into useful instruments of peace that can produce food to sustain life. It is only the power and love of God that can make that possible. The Lord can turn the world upside down. The hatred we used to experience can be wiped away at the blinking of the eye if only we reckognise the potential in the Word of God.

Enemies are potential friends. The enemy field is the hunting ground for friends. As we love them we destory their artillery. Their weapons become useless. The only use they can be turned to is to be plough shares. They are not destroyed but their purpose changes. Mozambicans have use that scripture and they attained peace.

When will this happen? Let us not prepare for it. Let us strive to live for the Lord by sharing what we have, by loving one another and loving the unlovable and the Lord will do the rest. No one knows the time except the Father. Even Jesus Christ professes that this issue is hidden even to Him. This is what makes Christianity exciting. We keep on hoping and waiting. It’s His time not ours that matter.

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