Sunday, November 9, 2008

Zimbabwe Church Communication

Zimbabwe Church Communication – 4th November 2008:

This communiqué serves to inform the church in Zimbabwe as well as brothers and sisters around the world, that on Monday 3rd November leaders of Heads of Christian Denomination, Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace, Zimbabwe National Pastors Conference, Christian Alliance, Anglican Diocese of Harare, Ecumenical Support Services & New Frontiers- Zimbabwe gathered in Harare. This meeting of church leaders agreed the following:

1. The church in general has been divided and as such has been unable to satisfactorily meet the physical, moral and spiritual needs of the nation which is now in absolute crisis.

2. The church must genuinely repent to God and the suffering people of Zimbabwe for not fulfiling the two greatest commandments: ‘Love the Lord thy God’ and ‘Love thy neighbour.’

3. The church must now demonstrate genuine unity by standing with the poor, weak, suffering and oppressed people.

4. This movement for reconciliation and healing must rapidly gather momentum and cascade throughout the church, her leadership, structures and people. Only then will the church be able to address reconciliation and healing in Zimbabwe.

5. A consultation will take place soon to ensure a wider representation of church leaders can congregate to repent and prepare to be the moral and spiritual conscience of the nation by positioning herself at the heart of the reconstruction of Zimbabwe.

On behalf of the church in Zimbabwe:
Dr Goodwill Shana Head of Christian Denominations (EFZ, ZCBC, ZCC)
Jonah Gokova Zimbabwe National Pastors Conference
Bishop Levee Kadenge Christian Alliance

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DieHard said...

This is a very significant step in the right direction. In unity of purpose there will always be strength. May the Church march on in visible unity.

In a new Zimbabwe we all trust and look forward to a prophetic and healing church.

Mandla Akhe Dube, Christchurch, New Zealand.