Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bible Study - The Busy Ones Get Called!

The Call is for the Busy Ones: (Matthew 4:18-22)
Whom shall we send? This is the proverbial question in most religious circles. Jesus accepted the call of God to come on Earth and sort our the sinful nature of man/woman. We are not clear what Jesus was busy doing when he was called. What we know is that "Jesus went about doing good,"when He was here on earth. From this behaviour it is certain He must have been a very busy person in His Father's kingdom. He must have been busy in the creation of human beings at creation. God says "Let us creat Man". This request should have been made to Jesus and the Holy Spirit - the Three - the Trinity.

The calling of the first disciples by Jesus is very revealing. It is very clear from the scriptures above that God calls those who are already busy doing something. He calls those that are busy helping themselves. Simon, called Peter and his brother Andrew were casting a net into the lake when they were called to be disciples by Jesus. The next pair to be called, John and James were called when they were preparing their nets.

One would have thought that Jesus should have called those who were doing nothing. He would then be providing them with employment/job to do. No, no Jesus calls the busy ones. In the disciples' case above Jesus called them to continue to do the same job but in a different if not elevated form. The scriptures say about these fishermen, "Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of me." (Vs: 20).

In most cases God wants you to remain in your profession but his call is for its elevation because He wants to see "you doing all you do to the glory of God." We are all worth the calling but moreso those who are found busy doing something good. Know that whatever you do whole heartedly and it's good, that is your call ground/battleground for the Lord. Let's all aim at doing good always. Our Lord Jesus Christ is renowned for "going about doing good." God bless!

Be reminded, though that Jesus is not restricted to calling those who are doing good only. He can even call the bad guys, ie if He sees the potential in them. He did that to Saul the persecutor of Christians who latter became Paul. Saul was a committed religious person who only needed redirection. Paul became the most celebrated Christian figure we learn from today.

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